Smoki WINS “Kitchen Innovation Award”

Smoki is proud to announce their recent “Kitchen Innovations Award”, awarded at the National Restaurant Association Show, Chicago.

The award ceremony was help Saturday May 17th; with special thanks to The US distributor, Mr Peter de Jong of Fired Up Kitchens in New York, who helped us to achieve this “American dream.”

In the 4 days of the exhibition Smoki products aroused great interest. Maxi Grill attracted great attention, posting a record turnout at our booth.

International enquiries have dramatically increased. In our view, there is no magic behind a fortune or success, but success built on ability, willingness, passion, determination, honesty of purpose.

The days spent in Chicago made ​​us feel proud of our Italian spirit”, which despite everything remains an added value in the world. It seems that the old saying “Italians do it better” is still able to express its own truth.

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