Smoke SRL - founded in Italy - now in Australia

Smoki S.R.L. was founded in 1994 in a moment of brilliance. Smoki invented and patented the first prototype system for efficient soot abatement in wood burning ovens that solved a problem that no one had ever been able to provide a workable solution.

As a product and brand, Smoki immediately distinguished itself on the national and international markets for its competence in offering a complete service in the aspiration field, provide a workable solution of smoke and odour discharge systems.

Since its inception, Smoki has continuously improved product design using premium quality materials – making Smoki a global leader in the field. The soot abatement system, available today in different versions, is still subject to countless imitations that bear witness to its success, but no imitation can match our high performance and quality standards.

In October 2013, at the Host Show in Milan, we unveiled our newest product, the Maxi Grill,  a unit specifically designed for smoke, grease and soot filtering of charcoal and wood grills. This unit produces excellent results, together with dry filtration and deodorising systems for cooking grease and odours. Standard flow rates up to 7/8000 m3/h (4700 CFM), with the ability to build  higher flow rates on request.

Our soot abatement systems include Smoki and Smoki Junior (soot filtering from wood-fired pizza ovens) and Smoki Maxi (soot filtering from wood-fired ovens for bakeries).

All of our filtering systems are based on the most simple and efficient element in nature – water.

Smoki S.R.L. deals with the production and installation of soot removal systems, design, maintenance and installation of stainless steel, copper or painted flues, kitchen hoods, air handling units and fume filters in general. We manufacture exhaust and air handling systems with no limit in power and size, to be used in the civil field and restaurants, always in compliance with current regulations.

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