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Quality Italian Systems for
Smoke, Odour and Grease Filtering

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Founded in 1994, Smoki immediately distinguished itself on the international market with its cutting edge soot abatement systems Smoki, a patented device capable of removing soot particles from smoke and odour discharges of wood burning pizza ovens. The machine has been improved with the creation of the Smoki Maxi series, capable of processing large amounts of smoke, grease and odour produced by firewood bread ovens and odour from grills and charcoal barbecues.

Smoki is specialised in the design, installation and maintenance of aspiration systems, kitchen suction hoods, soot abatement systems, stainless steel, copper or painted flues. We can supply machineries of any size and power for use in civil, industrial and catering fields in compliance with current regulations.

Please contact Smoki for pricing and how we can help provide you with the right soot abatement solution.

Smoki News and Updates

Smoki WINS “Kitchen Innovation Award”

Smoki is proud to announce their recent “Kitchen Innovations Award”, awarded at the National Restaurant Association Show, Chicago. The award ceremony was help Saturday May 17th; with special thanks to The US distributor, Mr Peter de Jong of Fired Up Kitchens in New...

Are pizza ovens a major source of pollution?

From The Guardian newspaper, April, 2014 Possibly. The future of wood-burning pizza ovens in Italy looked doubtful this week as laws came into force limiting the amount of pollution they are allowed to produce. Restaurateurs will need to get their ovens regularly tested to ensure...